Typing with my elbows
My name is Milena.

I like the good things in life: Friends. food. eating. the color blue. Music. laptops. ipods. Keeping secrets. Pasta. Chinese. Sleeping with the fan on high with a warm blanket. chewing gum. Writing poetry and short stories. Mood rings. leopard print. sparkles. mint scented things. Candles. Incense. Texting. Going out. Lazy days. Great nights. Sleeping till noon. Makeup. Hair. Styling hair. Cutting hair. acting conceited infront of people on purpose. being that annoying kid. Pictures that hold memories. Being left handed. Laughing at everything. Notifications. Being in that slap happy mood. Bracelets. New friends. Old friends. Late night conversations. Being supa weird. Being supa fly. Getting ready to go out. Complaining about humidity. cuddling. Being awkward. Peace signs. Feeling content. Horoscopes. Being a super bitch when I need to. Aries. Dreams. Cities. Dream interpretation. New York. California. Germany. Europe. Cold weather. no humidity. The breeze of fall. Halloween. Christmas. My birthday. Cj. Audrey. Nikki. Mackenzie. Sara. My sister Abbey. Shopping.Gay rights. Doing risky things. Taking risks. cinnamon. Different accents. Thinking about good things in the past. Nikki's mom. Looking forward to becoming a therapist. Getting a much needed compliment. jokes. Finding out new things about myself. Learning from regrets. Adding things to this list. Having a consistent personality. Tickling people. Being quiet. Forever 21. Pacsun. having money. being confident. looking hot. nose piercing. Making this about me incredibly long. Get togethers. that moment something you've overlooked catches your eye. Pro-choice. Learning about the mind. Monkeys. Cheetahs. Figuring people out. Nail polish. Makeup and hair youtube tutorials. Going out to eat. Solving a problem. Being nice most of the time but a bitch when necassary. Jeans. Uggs. Hoodies. That Cali sun. Contradictions. Finding the meaning in things. Scary movies. shopping. Not following the rules. Water. Learning about people's religions. The fact that religion is an opinion, not fact. Soda. Presents. Making someones day. Seeing genuine happiness in someones eyes. Making fun of shitty music. Funny commercials. Screaming in walmart. Leopard geckos. Spongebob Squarepants. Hello kitty. Accepting the fact i'll never be perfect. Traveling. Spur of the moment thinking. Good quotes. inside jokes.Chips. sleeping. Noticing things you didn't see the first time. Facebook. Pink. glitter. Taking things day by day. Having great times with unforgettable people
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“I spark a match and watch the candle burn

the wick runs out and then love takes it turn.

On fallen angels and broken sounds

we will last past the final round.

It took awhile for you to find me

but I was hiding in the lime tree.”

Trevor Hall<3

Trevor Hall<3

Acolytes is a really good movie.


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Electric Wizard - We Hate You

Dopethone (2000)